Fiber to the Premise (FTTP)

Reliability, symmetrical speeds and scalable services

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Ziply Fiber Special Access Services

Whether you need to provide carrier grade voice services or move critical customer data, Ziply Fiber Wholesale can develop a solution that works for you. From standard, reliable point-to-point connections to sophisticated, optical transmission services, we can provide the capabilities you need to deliver for your customers. We’ve invested in a 1TB IP backbone with advanced 100G optics across the entire core network to provide performance and resiliency you can depend on.

  • Ziply Fiber VG, DS0, DS1 and DS3 Services

    To operate effectively, you need to control your network costs, so Ziply Fiber Wholesale helps supplement your existing infrastructure with ours in a scalable, cost-efficient manner. Using our VG, DS0, DS1 and DS3 services, which are available throughout our footprint, you can leverage the investment we’ve made in our network to reach customers without overextending your finances. These reliable, dedicated circuits come in a wide variety of speeds so you can get the service you need at a very competitive cost.

    - VG Voice Grade lines provide reliable transmission for voice and low-speed data requirements.
    - DS0 With a 64Kbps transmission rate, this capacity can be split into 2.4, 4.8, 9.67, 56 or 64Kbits per second channels.
    - DS1 With 1.544Mbps of capacity, these circuits are economical and also provide low error rates. Easily scalable up to DS3 service when you need it.
    - DS3 Provides up to 45Mbps of bandwidth that you can use for voice or data transmission. These robust, reliable connections offer the flexibility to add channels as your business grows.

  • Ziply Fiber Optical Transport Services

    Diversify your network without expensive build-out costs by leveraging Ziply Fiber's robust optical networking capabilities. Ziply Fiber's Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) services and increased installation of ROADMs throughout our infrastructure provide a high-capacity, resilient network for all of your traffic. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to work with you to determine the best solution for your networking needs.

    - Secure and transparent transport
    - Highly scalable services
    - 24/7/365 proactive monitoring by engineers in our Operations Center

  • Ziply Fiber SONET Services

    Work with Ziply Fiber Wholesale to get the customized, high-capacity SONET network you need for your customers. SONET provides high levels of availability and survivability for your critical data and applications.

    - Private, dedicated facilities
    - Extremely resilient solution
    - 24/7/365 proactive monitoring by engineers in our Operations Center