Data & Collocation

Fiber to the Premise (FTTP)

Reliability, symmetrical speeds and scalable services

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Data and Collocation Services

Do your customers require secure, dedicated data connections? Ziply Fiber can provide standardized point-to-point connections that provide reliable data transmission. Our data services are widely used for backhauling cell tower traffic, providing Internet access and connecting your customers’ business locations across the 4 states we serve. We also offer space in our facilities, so you can collocate your equipment.

  • DS0, DS1 and DS3 Services

    You can control your network costs and build-out facilities in a scalable, cost-efficient manner using Ziply Fiber's DS0, DS1 and DS3 services. These private line services can reliably connect you to customer sites, with the ability to carry voice, data and video traffic.

    - DS0 With a basic digital signaling rate of 64Kbits (kilobits per second), these circuits allow you to start with small increments of capacity when your needs warrant.
    - DS1 With 1.544Mbps of capacity, these circuits are economical and also provide low error rates. Easily scalable up to DS3 service when you need it.
    - DS3 Provides up to 45Mbps of bandwidth that you can use for voice or data transmission. These robust, reliable connections offer the necessary flexibility to add channels as your business grows.

  • Collocation Services

    Your business can take advantage of Ziply Fiber's carrier-grade centers to collocate your telecom equipment. You can rest easy knowing your equipment is secure.