Ziply Fiber provides enterprise customers with an ethernet portal free of charge. 

The ethernet portal provides all necessary performance data required to optimize and manage your network. The portal dashboard provides bandwidth usage and availability, with a 15-minute delay. It also provides SLA-related metrics, like availability, roundtrip delay, jitter and packet loss.

You can set alerts using the ethernet portal, depending on the level of ethernet service. Users with Platinum Ethernet service can configure alerts through the user interface. Silver and Gold users receive auto-generated standard reports related to specific service-level agreement (SLA) parameters.

Ordering new services or upgrades cannot be done through the portal. Please contact your Ziply Fiber account executive.

Ziply Fiber offers three levels of ethernet service:

  1. Silver service is Ziply Fiber's basic business-class data service with improved performance across all standard performance parameters. Ethernet Silver SLA, termed Standard Data Service, is Ziply Fiber's upgraded replacement of Best Effort Ethernet designed specifically for the commercial customer.
  2. Gold service is a premium business data service featuring enhanced performance parameters with packet forwarding priority set to Priority Data.
  3. Platinum service carries Ziply Fiber's highest quality of service performance parameters and includes voice grade packet forwarding priority set to real time.
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