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The best jobs and Northwest cities for remote work in 2023

Last December we analyzed industry projections and work-from-home trends to determine the best remote work jobs. One year later, amidst “quiet quitting” and an uncertain economy, Americans are still prioritizing remote work flexibility. In fact, a recent survey of 1,000 remote-working Americans found that 1 in 4 remote workers are refusing to comply with return-to-office mandates.


ZDNET reported on 2023 workforce trends, citing managing director of financial services at Fram Search, “Hybrid has worked brilliantly for most service-based firms and, given there is still a skills shortage, is a must for most firms' retention strategy." This suggests that similar to last year, companies will need to offer hybrid opportunities, at minimum, to maintain a strong retention rate.

As we move into 2023, our team analyzed data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), CNBC, Business Insider, and Flexjobs to determine the best remote jobs in 2023.

This report will cover occupations that require a degree, occupations that don’t require a college degree, and the best cities in the Northwest United States to work from home.


Ranked: Best remote jobs in 2023
that require a degree

Infographic listing top remote jobs that require a degree in 2023

Flexjobs listed event planning, travel & hospitality, and legal among their top eight fastest growing career categories for full-time, remote jobs, growing 45% in the first half of 2022 compared to the last half of 2021. For this reason, Corporate Counsel, Travel Consultant, and Event Coordinator made it into our ranking - all showing considerable remote opportunities.

In their same report, Flexjobs listed accounting and finance, marketing, computer and IT, project management, and HR and recruiting among the categories that dominate the remote marketplace.

Similar to last year, there are several computer and IT positions that occupy our ranking, including Software Developer, Information Security Analyst, Web Developer, and Cyber Security Analyst. In an article from ZDNET, it was reported that “Over a third (36%) of CIOs and CTOs said that rolling out IT security and information-safeguarding initiatives were key strategic priorities in 2023 and beyond. To meet these targets, 30% of employers are actively hiring to boost their stretched IT teams.” This suggests that IT is an especially promising industry for those seeking remote opportunities in this upcoming year.


Ranked: Best remote jobs in 2023
that don’t require a degree

Infographic listing top remote jobs in 2023 that do not require a degree

In 2023 there will continue to be several well-paying remote options for jobseekers without a college degree. Most of these positions have remained consistent from last year’s ranking, with Virtual Assistant, Graphic Designer, and Customer Service Representative scoring the highest.



Ranked: Best cities in the Northwest
to work from home

map highlighting top Northwest cities for remote work


Working from home has given many Americans a new freedom to choose where they live, despite the location of their employer.

Since Ziply Fiber provides fiber internet across the Northwest, our team wanted to determine the best cities across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana for working from home.

To create our ranking, we looked at the following factors:

  • Fiber internet access
  • Average cost of living
  • Sales tax
  • Median home price
  • Median home size
  • AreaVibes livability score
  • Availability of food delivery services
  • Distance from a Top 50 U.S. airport
  • Quality of coffee shops


Interesting findings

  • Twelve of the top twenty cities are located in Oregon.
  • Lewistown, MT, Klamath Falls, OR, Great Falls, MT, and Albany, OR also rank in the top 20 cities when only scoring for affordability.
  • West Linn, OR, Ammon, ID, and Tigard, OR also rank in the top 20 cities when only scoring for livability.
  • Among the largest cities in each state, Portland was the only city to land in the top 20 ranking for work from home.



Best remote jobs in 2023 rankings

To determine the best remote jobs in 2023 rankings, our team used factors of average salary and remote/hybrid job openings. We assigned salary and job openings a weight of .7 and .3 , respectively. The two weighted factors were added together and listed highest to lowest in the final rankings.

We gathered the average salary data from Indeed. The job openings are reported from Flexjobs and include “100% remote work,” “hybrid remote work,” and “option for remote work” listings.


Best Northwest cities for remote work ranking

To determine the best cities in the Northwest for remote work, our team collected data about the thirty largest cities (by population) in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. These cities were ranked on factors of fiber internet access, average cost of living, sales tax, median home price, median home size , AreaVibes livability score*, availability of food delivery services, quality of coffee shops, and proximity to a “Top 50” US airport.

These factors were assigned the following weights:

Connectivity (35 total):

  • Fiber internet access - 35

Affordability (32.5 total):

  • Average cost of living - 15
  • Sales tax - 5
  • Median home price - 12.5

Livability (32.5 total):

  • Median home size - 5
  • AreaVibes livability score - 10
  • Availability of food delivery services - 5
  • Distance from a Top 50 U.S. airport - 5
  • Quality of coffee shops - 7.5


We sourced this data from HighSpeedInternet.com, Movoto, AreaVibes, World Population Review, Yelp, Doordash, UberEATS, Postmates, Grubhub, Sperling’s best places, Google Maps, Sales Tax Handbook, and realtor.com.

*The AreaVibes Livability Score is created using a unique algorithm that takes into account dozens of characteristics in 7 different categories including nearby amenities, cost of living, crime rates, employment, schools, housing and user ratings. The Livability Score is then calculated out of 100 for any area across the United States and Canada.

Successfully working from home with fiber internet


If you haven’t already, our findings suggest that 2023 may be the year to switch to a fully-remote career. Regardless of your profession, it is important to have the internet speeds that help you to succeed from a home office.

Learn more about why fiber internet is essential for a remote work lifestyle.