Welcome to the Ziply Fiber Hotline! If you have a concern relating to an HR, Security, Ethics, or Legal matter that you feel is inappropriate to discuss with your manager, we are glad you are here. Just as we say in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, we take your concerns seriously. We follow up on each and every one.


Please use the form below to make your report. You’ll see that you may complete it with your name and contact information or anonymously. It doesn’t matter. We will follow up on your concern either way. If you include your contact information and indicate that you would like us to follow up, we will do so if it is possible under the circumstances. We do ask that you provide as much information and detail with respect to your concern as you are comfortable providing. That information will help us address the matter.


You never should be subject to retaliation of any kind for bringing a concern to our attention. If you believe you are, we would like to know immediately. We’ll put a stop to it.


Thank you. And as always:


Be Safe. Be Well. Be Ziply!

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