Better Web Browsing

Precautions for Protecting Your Computer Online

If you protect your computer and yourself, you can use the Internet safely. Here are some tips for protecting your computer against damage caused by hackers including: viruses spyware adware malware spam phishing 1. Use a Firewall A firewall is software or hardware that [...]

Practice Online Safety

Stay safe online with Privacy & Protection services. That goes for your computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. At Ziply Fiber, we do our best to protect you from online threats, attacks, hacks, and more. But you need to be alert. Viruses and malware may go undetected on your device. [...]

Tips for Removing Spyware and Spam

Help keep yourself safe from hackers. Learn the risks of Internet use and how to take action. Here are some helpful tips on protection and clean-up. First, find out whether someone's trying to take advantage of you. The email you received may be a virus hoax—a false warning about a computer [...]

Get Better Search Results

The internet is a huge resource, so it makes sense to know the words and format that will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. These tips work for any search engine you might use, such as Yahoo or Google: Avoid using common words such as "it" and "how" in your search. These [...]

Why and How to Accept Cookies on Your Computer

When you accept cookies, you're letting websites store little bits of information on your computer. This can speed up your browsing time or let the website to deliver customized information to you. Some websites require cookies, and other websites use them to save your data and track your behavior. [...]