You can connect any WiFi-capable device to your Ziply Fiber wireless network.

Settings and menu options are different depending on a device’s make, model and operating system. Refer to manufacturers’ instructions for finding a wireless signal and connecting to it from your smartphone, computer, tablet, gaming console, or other device.

  1. In most cases you'll start by opening the device settings (menu or app).
  2. Find the WiFi or network menu. If WiFi is not enabled, choose the option to turn it on.
  3. In the list of available wireless networks, choose your Ziply Fiber home network.
  4. Enter the network password. If you haven't changed your home network's name or password, you'll find both printed on a sticker on your Ziply Fiber router.

Once a device has connected to WiFi, unless there's a change to the network password or name, that device will likely reconnect to the network automatically whenever it's within range.

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