Common Monthly Service Charges

The ZIPLY FIBER MONTHLY SERVICE CHARGES section of your bill may include one or more of these services billed each month:

  • Video Service—if you see an asterisk, you'll find details under "Details of Taxes and Other Charges", usually on page 4 of your bill.
  • Internet Service
  • Voice Service
  • Promotional or Discount Rate with end date. If you have a contract, you'll find your contract end date here.
  • Equipment Charges (Set-Top Box, DVR and Router or Modem Charges)
  • Premium or Promotional Services (including HBO, EPIX, Showtime or CINEMAX)
  • Non-Listing (the cost for an unlisted telephone number)
  • Features (including Call Forwarding, Caller ID or Call Waiting. These may be listed separately or as part of a bundled service.)
  • Inside Wire Maintenance (charge for maintaining the wiring within your home needed by your phone services)
  • Payment Processing Fee (charge for making payments over the phone)
  • Paper Statement Fee (charge for receiving printed monthly statements in the mail)

Here's an example of the Monthly Service Charges section on page 3 of a Ziply Fiber home bill.

The recurring Monthly Services Charges section on page 3 of a Ziply Fiber bill.
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