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Order Information:
UNI Circuit 2: %UNI_CIRCUIT_2%
Service/Speed: %SERVICE_TYPE% with speed of %SERVICE_SPEED%
Cevlan ID: %CEVLAN_ID%
Committed Due Date: %COMMITTED_DUE_DATE%
This email is regarding your upcoming %SERVICE_TYPE% service installation/change located in %PRILOC_CITY% %PRILOC_STATE%.

A committed due date of %COMMITTED_DUE_DATE% has been set for this request. Once all tasks are complete we will be able to hand over service. If you require a later date or are not ready to accept service at earliest available date, please advise and we will adjust accordingly.

You may see multiple dispatches from our field support teams performing various tasks to ready location and equipment for service. Please allow access and advise if there are any special access parameters which must be followed. Once advised circuit is ready for traffic, you will have 2 business days for your testing/verification. Unless I am notified of any service issues within that 2-business day period, billing will begin on the third business day. If we detect traffic prior to this timeline, we will bill service the same day.
Per signed contract schedule-
Obligations of Customer:
Customer is responsible to ensure appropriate processes and protocols are in place for rate shaping to the amount of throughput ordered. Customer acknowledges that failure to comply with this responsibility may negatively impact Service performance.

Please ensure traffic is shaped on end-user equipment to equal the amount of throughput ordered. This is listed with Service/Speed above.
Please advise your Project Manager, %PROJECT_MANAGER_NAME%, if there are any other parties that should be included on correspondence. You can reach your Project Manager at %PROJECT_MANAGER_PHONE%, or by email: %PROJECT_MANAGER_EMAIL%.
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